Homa Arkani: Persian Pop Artist

I was amazed to see the work of Homa Arkani, a young Iranian pop artist. Her Paintings focus on the social/cultural issues faced by young Iranian girls. The feelings her paintings bring to me are very nostalgic and familiar; they remind me of my last few years of life back in Iran. Feelings of insecurity, anger along with the typical teenage quest for trying new things in life, on the way of finding my identity in a country like Iran where women are under tremendous pressure.  “These images of young girls who have so thoroughly immersed in their fantastic world demonstrate the crisis of identity amongst the middle-class new generation of Iranian women. As one treads a path among these flamboyant features one easily identifies them as stereotypical adolescent city girl in today Iran. Vanity, overindulgence, artificiality, extravagance; these are the expressions which come up in a spectator’s mind in the first place. Homa Arkani has presented her familiar and, at the same time, awkward characters in both indoors and public places, creating a psychically-charged space to reveal the characteristics of this section of the society.” Click here to read more.


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