The worlds tallest skyscraper to be built in 7 months…

I have always wanted to talk about the future in architecture; coming across this post on Dezeen, I thought its a good time to talk about what seems to be the future . Apparently a Chinese firm is planned to build this building using prefabricated pieces that are installed on the site  like “lego”. This firm has already completed a smaller 30 story tower using the same method in 15 days which is great. I believe that construction techniques have always been one of the biggest limitations to  design and innovations such as this are definitely the future. With all the so called sustainable benefits that such methods of construction can bring to the industry, I have to say in terms of design and function such methods could have a low side to them. The mass production and the rigid modular pieces definitely has an impact on both aesthetics as well as the functional arrangements of the spaces.  A design that is a direct product of such method is as unpleasant as  this tallest tower which is planned to be constructed. This is why I think architects should invest GOOD RESEARCH in this field and try to think of new ways of design that leads such construction methods instead of being a victim to it.


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