Who is Tah?

My name is Tah. Ra. and I am a young Architect. I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to UAE when I was 18 years old to follow my childhood dream; BECOMING AN ARCHITECT. I attended American University of Sharjah and studied architecture. College of Architecture, Art and Design at AUS is one the best collages in the Middle East. It is famous for being the “ONLY” architecture school holding NAAB accreditation outside North America in the world. After my graduation in 2009 I applied for a master degree in “Sustainable Design of the Built Environment” at the British University in Dubai in collaboration with Cardiff University in UK. I graduated from BUiD in December 2011 completing an extensive research project on “The Effect of Urban Greenery on Reduction of Urban Heat Island in Dubai”.

I consider myself as a person who is in love with beauty; I admire design in any form as a mean to reach beauty. I believe “design” exists in all the objects we encounter every day and therefore it is essential for everybody to have some basic idea about it.

I started this blog to share my passion for design. I aim to showcase any interesting idea behind any “designed” object related to architecture, industrial products and interior design.  I hope my blog would expand the knowledge and imagination of my audience and keep them updated.


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