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Architecture Man of Black and White in Color…

You cannot be an architect not knowing the legendary Modern architect LE CORBUSIER. He is one of the masterminds behind a movement in architecture that changed not only architecture as a profession but also architecture and its responsibility to humanity (MODERNISM).In simple words  what LE CORBUSIER and his fellow Modern architects did was to bring architectural design to our houses so that we can also enjoy benefits of a well designed space.Before the Modern movement, architecture belonged to the higher classes of society and only super rich people could afford architectural design while people like CORBUSIER introduced or invented “simplicity” in architecture that was functional and beautiful beside being affordable by the middle class. Sometimes the Modernist architects are criticized for their philosophy of “simplicity” and “form following function” but I really believe the contribution they had to humanity is one of a kind and can never be criticized. Their “vision of architecture for all” is the biggest lesson I learnt from them as an architect and I would be posting more about this vision hopefully in near future. For now, I want to commemorate LE CORBUSIER by displaying some of his work as well as his rare photos in color (we have always seen LE CORBUSIER as the man in black and white).


Homa Arkani: Persian Pop Artist

I was amazed to see the work of Homa Arkani, a young Iranian pop artist. Her Paintings focus on the social/cultural issues faced by young Iranian girls. The feelings her paintings bring to me are very nostalgic and familiar; they remind me of my last few years of life back in Iran. Feelings of insecurity, anger along with the typical teenage quest for trying new things in life, on the way of finding my identity in a country like Iran where women are under tremendous pressure.  “These images of young girls who have so thoroughly immersed in their fantastic world demonstrate the crisis of identity amongst the middle-class new generation of Iranian women. As one treads a path among these flamboyant features one easily identifies them as stereotypical adolescent city girl in today Iran. Vanity, overindulgence, artificiality, extravagance; these are the expressions which come up in a spectator’s mind in the first place. Homa Arkani has presented her familiar and, at the same time, awkward characters in both indoors and public places, creating a psychically-charged space to reveal the characteristics of this section of the society.” Click here to read more.

Great Hotel Design : The Nolitan

I love the design of the Nolitan hotel by New York based architects Grywinsky + Pons.  Located on a corner site, the architecture emphasizes the dynamics of the site by the solid/void relationship on the facade. The dynamics and simplicity of the exterior continues to the interior that are full of life and energy.  I think the attention to detail and the connection of the exterior/interior makes this project very successful.

Public Art…

I love the work of SPENCER TUNICK, an american artist whose work involves nudity of groups of people in public places. Due to nature of his work which pushes the social, political and legal issues, he is not allowed to work in USA. However, that has not stopped him and he has done shoots of naked people all around the world. Even though, his medium of art (naked body) sounds daring and to some extent disturbing, his attempt in adding layers of texture, color and contextualizing the image in space has totally changed the normal perspective on “nude bodies in public”.  I enjoyed his work and I definitely think it is very creative and different, causing us to have a new vision of nudism.

YarnBombing or Knit Graffiti

I have always been fan of street art; it just creates a very special dimension to the Urban environments. “YarnBombing” or “Knit Graffiti” is a new street art movement  which started in Texas in 2005. The aim is to cover different objects in the streets in knitted material. I love the soft,warm and colorful look that this type of graffiti adds to the urban spaces. It is filled with energy and life; something very much needed in the modern cities.  Feel free to read more about it here.